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Monday, November 17, 2014

My first booth!

Ever since I was a child I enjoyed crafting and messing around with making websites. For many years after high school I've tried creating an online store. However, I wasn't very successful. I never had the willpower to make things and shipping and finances were too complicated for me. I have many dreams and goals and one of them was to open my own little shop. I've been to markets and first Friday's in town but it never crossed my mind that I could have one of my own until recently. 

I was given the opportunity to set up my very first booth at our local high school, George Jenkins. The band was hosting a Fall festival and one of the band members is my boyfriend's sister. It just so happens their mom was in charge of registration so I was one of the first to sign up!

I felt like I prepared for ever but even up until the last moment I just felt like I didn't have enough things made. I was up until 5am, just one hour and 45 minutes before I had to get up and leave! Surprisingly and thankfully, I wasn't tired until that evening.

Getting everything in and out of the car and the few trips we had to make was the most annoying part. The attendance was very poor because it was their first time but it was still worth it. Just experiencing it was really neat. I loved setting up and decorating and even though only a few people came by I still made some profit.

I also set up a donation table for this back pack project I'm doing for the homeless and our God. I made 6 backpacks full of essential items including a blanket recently and handed most of them out so far. I would like to continue doing this for the winter at least, and maybe then do something differently when the time comes. I basically had a poster, a glass jar, and the back pack on display. I also had a bowl of free candy as a little gift.

I had a lot of fun even though I just sat there for most of the time and it's because I felt proud of myself and it was awesome having all these girls come into my booth and tell me how cool everything was and they just loved being in there; one girl even wore one of my bows right away and I saw her at our local Chic-Fil-A later with it still in her hair :3

I'm hoping to apply to more markets and experience this more often. I know that I have a job selling online and I'm hoping to make this a part of it. It's very nice to work for yourself knowing that you're capable of doing so much, no matter how stressful it is sometimes. I hope to have my own boutique one day, among the many other things I dream of doing!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My first wig!

Wigs have been in style for quite some time but I've only recently become interested since I've seen them on many fashion icons all over social media. Recently, I watched a YouTube review by anzujaamu on a few wigs she got from Wig is Fashion. I decided to just go for it and buy my very first wig!

Wig is Fashion sells many beautiful wigs including fashion wigs and lace front wigs. Most of the fashion wigs are made of Japanese synthetic fiber with a heat resistance of 150C (302F).

It cost $20.00 + $9.00 to ship to Florida, USA. I also got a pink fish net wig cap for $3.99. The total came out to $31.79 after using anzujaamu's discount code. The packages are shipped from Hong Kong and China and the estimated shipping time according to the website is 10-20 working days which is about 2-4 weeks. 

My package arrived in just 14 working days (2 weeks and 6 days), which is fast to me if being delivered from Asia. They also include a tracking number for you! The products came in a small parcel so it was put in my mailbox instead of being left at my door.

The parcel was not damaged and it was packaged safely. Inside, the wig was packaged in another net and plastic bag. The wig cap was also packaged in plastic inside the plastic bag.

The wig was easy to take out and it all looked in place. It wasn't frizzy or tangled. The wig itself is adjustable to fit the size of individual heads. Mine has to be tightened by about 4 hooks. Trying it on, I realized I didn't like the way the bangs were so I cut them to be straight across, sitting right at my eyebrow. The curls were very pretty. However, being that it was my first wig I was very indifferent about it and thought it made my head look too big; that it was very chunky on top of my head. I felt that the curls enhanced this so I decided to straighten the wig. I used a very low temp and it worked out fine.


I finally got the confidence to wear it out in public the other day and was very happy with the results. I got the most compliments on the wig alone than I have in general for the past year. So many people asked me how I got my hair like this and after telling them it was a wig they were so amazed. One lady told me that it looked very real. That made me very happy to hear! I wasn't use to it at first but it eventually grew on me. Wearing a beanie or some kind of hair accessory helps as well if you're afraid of the volume difference.

The only things that I would consider (minor) flaws are:
1. The volume on top of wig.
2. The ends kind of look "dry".
3. On the top of the wig you can feel these pieces of fiber that feel like they've been crinkled or cut. They are not noticeable but you can definitely feel them.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my first wig purchase. I was very afraid at first; nervous to wear it in public and I was afraid I messed it up by cutting the bangs and straightening out the curls. However, after wearing it out, people have concluded that it was worth the buy. Thank you Wig is Fashion for this super cute wig!

Wig Quality: 

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New giveaway!

Hello lovelies. Today I'm posting our third giveaway with prizes from my store worth over $40!
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Good luck to all of you!